Kyshar Is:

Smudge - Guitars & Other Noises
Peeps - Drums & Percussion


Kyshar was formed by Smudge (Ex-Deimos) and Peeps both founding members of Unborn Son back in 2003 which broke up after a year.

They were originally called Godzilla On Demand, or G.O.D. The 'Demo Of Doom' was the first lot of G.O.D material to be released which was a 3 track demo which was mainly to see how the band sounded and the sound was slow, heavy doom.

They then quickly followed that up with 'Godzilla On Demand EP' which had more melody to the songs and a much tighter sound in all. It had 5 tracks and lasted for 28 minutes.

They then decided on a name change. It was changed to Kyshar.

They are currently writing brand new material for a full length album entitled 'Karma Of The Messiah' which should be out later this year.